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  • Over 5000 Bible Versions.
  • Easy steps to memorizing bible quotes.
  • Bible verses grouped into different topics such as Faith, Love, Giving, Trusting God Holy Spirit. 
  • General Bible questions and answers with supporting Bible references.
  • 240 Bible verses included in this game.
  • Complete family game.

Source: Jumia

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The promised land bible game is a family game that helps people memorize some key Bible Verse, help children to learn about the Bible. It is good for outdoor and indoor games. It is durable and meets international safety requirements for children. 

It has 240 question and answer cards, 1 big board game, 2 sand timers, 10 pawns, 2 dice, game rule and 1 die cup.

Directions: To play this game, you will need a small button of a different colour for each player (or team), and one die. All players begin at the square marked START. When it is your turn, roll the die and move that number of spaces in the direction of the small arrows. If you land on a square with a message, read the words on your square out loud, then look up the scripture and read that, too. If your square has a large arrow, move your button to where the arrow points. The game is over only when all players have reached “The Promised Land.”

Source: The Church of Jesus Christ Of Ladder- Day Christ

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