Geo Puzzle Game- USA And Canada

Short description:

Make geography fun with GeoPuzzle USA and Canada map puzzle! Kids build their understanding of the world around them while building this big, bright geography puzzle – get ready for hours of fun-filled learning!

Manufacturer: Geotoys

Age Group: 4-12 Years 

Sex: Male/Female 


Improve or Build  Cognitive Skill and Problem Skill of Children if they continue doing this consistently. 


Leaning about world geography is a blast with GeoPuzzles! The colourful GeoPuzzle USA & Canada features 70 unique puzzle pieces that are actually shaped like the states, provinces and territories that span across the USA & Canada. As children age four and up complete the GeoPuzzle USA & Canada, they will gain a better understanding of geography and how things all fit together. Major bodies of water, capitals and even are also featured on this puzzle. Ability for kids to learn geography in a fun and engaging way.    This unique puzzle is durable and made from recycled materials. Puzzles are a great way for children to develop cognitive skill, as well as sharpen their problem-solving skills.

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