TEC Digital Stabiliser | 1500A-1500VA

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  • Digital Display
  • Overload Protection
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • High Voltage Protection
  • Delay start (6s/180s)
  • Cooling fan
  • 1500Watts
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Haier Thermocool TEC digital Stabilizer 1500A-1500VA

Haier Thermocool Tec Digital Stabilizer 1500A-1500VA has the following features:

  • Digital Display:

There is a bold screen display that allows you to see the voltage coming into the stabilizer from the main power source and the voltage going out of the stabilizer to your appliance. 

  • Overload Protector:

The Overload Protector function is to protect or prevent the appliances and stabilizer from getting damaged. If the stabilizer overload, the circuit breaker trips. The circuit will need to be reset manually when the overload condition is eliminated. 

  • Wide Input Voltage Range:

There is the delivery of safe voltage to your appliance regardless of the voltage from the main power source. 

  • High Voltage Protection:

High voltage capable of causing harm or spoil the appliance is prevented from reaching your appliance as the stabilizer automatically shuts down during high voltage and once a normal voltage is available it continue working.

  • Delay Starts (6s/180s):

You can manually select the time you want your appliance to start whenever power is restored and this prevents your appliances from starting and going off frequently during rapid power outages. 

  • Cooling Fan

During operation, the cooling fan helps to cool the coils of the main transformer thereby it gives the stabilizer a longer life span. 

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