LG Installation Kit 10HP Standing Unit

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LG Installation Kit 10HP Standing Unit, with model Installation Kit 10HP.

It is highly affordable and easy to use.

This installation kit provides basically all you need to get your AC or Split unit up and running. Installation is made easier when you use this installation kit.

LG Installation Kit 10HP Standing Unit comes with a pipe which is 3m (meter) long, cap nuts, pearl insulated cotton and aluminium & copper tube coated with Poplyethene (P.E) shrinkable tube.

The 3m pipe is long enough to cover a reasonable distance from where the indoor unit is located inside a room to where the outdoor unit is located outside.

Caps and nuts that come with this installation kit are guaranteed to be of high quality. Pipes are held in place and sealed properly with the caps and nuts.

Also, the pearl insulated cushion serves as a protective medium against weather elements for the aluminium and copper pipe. These aluminium and copper pipe work within a temperature of -400C to +1200C

With all these components that come with the kit, jobs get done rapidly hence saving money and time.

  • 10HP Installation kit
  • 3m (meter) long pipe
  • Cap nuts
  • Pearl Insulated Cotton
  • Aluminium & Copper coated shrinkable tube

Having this installation kit is a must have for any handy man as it makes the job way simple and easy. It is also advisable that as an owner of the product, you ensure that this kit is used to install your 1HP split unit to ensure a longer life span.

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