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  • Power: 900W
  • Maximum Capacity: 2.6L + 2.9L + 4.1L
  • Water Capacity: 1L
  • Cord Length: 80 cm
  • Has an Aroma Infuser and a soup/rice bowl
  • Has a Manual Timer
  • Overheat and dry boil protection: Yes
  • Cool-touch handgrips: Yes
  • Non-slip feet: Yes
  • Power-on light: Yes
  • Cool-touch handgrips: Yes
  • Water level indicator: Yes
  • Number of tiers: 3  pcs
  • Overheat and dry boil protection: Yes
  • Cord storage: Yes

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Phillips HD9125/01 Daily Steamer White 

Aroma Infuser

The unique Aroma Infuser of the Philips steamer adds delicious aroma of herbs and spices, bringing even more taste to steaming. Simply pop your favourite herbs and spices into the booster, and let steam do the rest.

3 baskets

The Philips HD9125/01 has 3 baskets to steam different ingredients at the same time enabling you to add more taste and aroma to the food that you're preparing. It also helps you save time.

Egg rack

The HD9125/01 steamer from Philips contains an egg rack that can fit 6 eggs per basket.

Easy to fill with water

The daily collection steamer contains a reservoir that can be easily filled with water while in use.

Food set timer for fish, vegetables, rice and more

The Daily Collection Steamer from Philips has a feature that can help you set a timer for several food types. This will automatically adjust the time required to steam that particular food type and let you be worried free.

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