Maxi MAXI Gas Cooker 6060 Table Top Gas Cooker,Auto Ignition ,Black

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60*60 CM4 Burner  Table Top Gas Cooker,
Auto Ignition 
MAXI 6060 T-840
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The MAXI Gas Cooker 6060 T-840 Black is ideal for cooking all kinds of food and every other thing you can think of. Cooking is easy and fun with this incredible appliance, it stands out from its kind with its numerous incredible features. It comes with a four burners which enables you cook four meals at once. The pot support on this gas cooker gives you the assurance of stability as you cook and helps you minimize spills and messes.

 MAXI Gas Cooker

  • Auto-Ignition
  • 4 Gas Burner
  • Table Top Gas Cooker
  • Color: Black

It comes with 4 Burners. It will make your cooking faster and convenient. You can decide to cook different types of meals simultaneously, this will help you save plenty of time spent on cooking. It is designed to be easy to use, reliable and fast.

It is easy to clean and has a strong flame for good cooking. The MAXI brand has been known for giving customers their money’s worth. Therefore one can be sure to buy this product with no regrets. MAXI range has sales support & service centers and 1-year warranty too. Their philosophy is to ensure that all MAXI products are reliable, innovative and affordable too.

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