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Key Features:

  • Skin-Protective Blade
  • Acute 45 degrees edge blades ideal for sharp styling
  • Rounded blades, gentle to skin
  • Hair and beard grooming with one unit
  • Cord / Cordless operation

Panasonic Trimmer GC33
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Skin-Protective Blade

Panasonic GC30 Sharp on hair

A professional hair clipper that's sharp on hair, gentle to skin. Combining traditional and advanced Japanese blade technologies, Panasonic provides outstanding cutting performance.

Acute 45 degrees edge blades ideal for sharp styling

Panasonic GC30 Acute 45 degree blades

Durable stainless steel blades with an acute 45 degree edge enable sharp, precise cutting. Thanks to the unique shape of the edges of Panasonic's blades, hairs are well captured to let you cut precise lines.

Rounded blades, gentle to skin

Panasonic GC30 Rounded Blades

The edges of the blade that come into direct contact with the skin have a new rounded shape to minimize irritation. Even when pressed against it, the blades are gentle to skin.

Hair and beard grooming with one unit

Panasonic GC33 Full Body Grooming

The clipper comes with attachments that enable hair cutting to different lengths as well as beard trimming.

Cord / Cordless operation

Panasonic GC30 Cordless

Cordless operation allows smooth handling and use, even during power outages

Compact and lightweight

Panasonic GC30 Lightweight

Weighing only approx. 128g, the compact, lightweight body is convenient to carry around.

Up to 40 minutes of trimming & Automatic Universal Voltage

Get up to 40 minutes of trimming when the Trimmer is charged. The trimmer also uses Automatic universal voltage.

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