Partitioned Plate

Short description:


  • An insulated lunch box
  • Ideal to keep the food warm/hot till your child is ready
  • The stainless steel inside it maintains and regulates the temperature of the food
  • Easy to open and close because the cover has a lid for easy access
  • You can actually remove the stainless inside,
  • wash and clean and tuck it in d plastic
  • Can be easily maintained.
  • Air tight when closed nothing contaminating can penetrate
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The insulated box plate keeps the food warm and uniform in temperature. Say no to cold food for your child. It's beautifully designed, unique and does not react to food and it does not is very good for portion control. Heat preservation colorful fast, portable and easy to carry along, it is strong and light for kids to carry, easy to wash and it is not slippery, this particular lunch box is colored blue since blue is also part of the food colors